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Workers Comp Legal Assistant Resume

Workers Comp Legal Assistant Resume

Experienced workers` compensation lawyer with over 10 years of experience helping injured workers get the benefits they deserve. Proven ability to navigate the complex compensation system, build strong relationships with clients and defend their rights in court. • Tasks included legal research, planning and coordinating testimony and independent medical examinations (plaintiff law firm), setting up and maintaining new cases, working for (at least) five workers` compensation lawyers. Transcribe and file court documents, i.e. DDs, C&Rs, motions, objections, applications for review and motions for review, etc., with the Workers` Compensation Appeals Board (writs of the Court of Appeal). Design letters to clients, insurance companies and defendants, phone calls as required. Worked and knowledge of Medicare set-asides, subsequent injury fund cases, future medical care, asbestos, UEF and death cases, summoning witnesses to court proceedings, training new workers` compensation secretaries. Set up repositories, medical exams, AMEs, panel MEQs, send medications, and doctor`s letters for the same. Upcoming calendars and statutes. Close the files. • Responsible for all aspects of researching and preparing workers` compensation accounting records to approve the judge`s claims. Workers` compensation is a type of insurance that protects employees who are injured or become ill in the line of duty. If you`re injured on the job, you`re probably wondering how you`re going to pay your bills and keep food on the table.

And if you`re an employer, you may be worried about how your business will continue to operate without the help of one of your most valuable employees. • Written medical summaries, correspondence with clients, transcription, invoicing of paralegal fees and other duties as assigned. Civil procedure is a legal procedure followed when a non-criminal dispute arises between two parties. These legal proceedings do not result in criminal charges or sanctions. In such cases, the plaintiffs seek only compensation for the damages caused by the defendants. Confidential, San Francisco, CA- 8/1988 to 12/1999 – Workers` Comp/Legal Secretary (defense law firm for CIGNA Insurance) All facets of legal secretarial work in employee compensation, from opening to closing files, transcribed briefs, correspondence, filing documents with the court, scheduling medical appointments/testimonials, court reporters, interpreters, telephone calls with insurance companies and other parties as required. Open and distribute emails. Well maintained schedule for two lawyers. Manage office supplies and request maintenance of office machines. Worked in this office for 2 years on insurance defense issues. Open office and secure office at night. Defense Insurance / Workers` Compensation Paralegal • Preparation of legal documents, settlement of attorneys` fees and preparation of settlement documents for approval by the administrative judge of the State Workers` Compensation Board.

Process preparation is the practice of collecting enough raw materials for a court case. This preparation aims to strengthen the foundations of a case by shedding light on the facts so as to enable the relevant legal bodies to better understand the whole scenario. The method of preparing a case may vary depending on the type. Establishment and maintenance of new business, electronically filed court documents (EAMS), including, but not limited to, motions for judgment of claims, DORs, C&Rs, dispositions, notices and motions for privilege and other judicial briefs. Write letters/faxes to clients, insurance companies/defendants, reply and phone as needed, greet clients, make appointments. Set up medical examinations, AMEs, QME panels, copy and prepare medical letters, medical indexes and medical objectives. Medical terminology. SDT recordings, fixed deposits, scheduling interpreters as needed.

Knowledge of Medicare lay-aside, subsequent injury fund cases, future medical care, UEF and deaths. Upcoming calendars and statutes. Set up weekly calendars and drag logs/file come-ups. Training of new secretaries on workers` compensation. Well-maintained photocopier, fixed traffic jams / End-of-day shipping machine / Mail deposit in mailbox. • Responsible for the preparation and completion of all survey responses for insurance/workers` compensation defense cases. • Extensive legal and underwriting experience, including extensive experience in responding to defence findings in insurance, personal injury and workers` compensation litigation. Therefore, it is important that you use them to your advantage. And the best way to do this is to use specific, descriptive language.

For example, instead of saying that you could “represent clients in court,” you could say that you “represented construction workers in workplace injury lawsuits in order to achieve favourable outcomes for all clients.” • Researches and collects all medical records for medical summaries/claims settlements, invoices paralegal fees as well as other assigned projects. • Proficient in all aspects of Word, WordPerfect, Microsoft Office, Juris, TABS, Abacus as well as most computer programs. • Responsibilities included the complete transcription and preparation of all aspects of legal documents, including applications, briefs, medical summaries, settlement documents, billing, and filing of attorneys` fees. • Aspects of case management included legal research, planning and coordination of statements, mediation, management of all court and lawyer schedules and preparation of trial documents. • Legal counsel to the Assistance-Workers` Compensation Insurance at all stages of litigation, including preparation of files for hearings, case law research, transcription, planning, • responding to discoveries, drafting medical statements and summaries, managing schedules, preparing hearing documents, all aspects of case management. Confidential, Sacramento, CA 1/00 to 02/01 Legal Secretary Work in family law, sexual harassment, assault cases Litigation example Legal assistant skills for resume.

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