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Numbers for Scorpion Legal Protection

Numbers for Scorpion Legal Protection

Scorpion Legal Protection offers a range of products at affordable prices, ranging from legal expense insurance to funeral plans and tax assistance. Our legal protection product is underwritten by Legal Expense Insurance Southern Africa Limited (LEZA). Since 1996, we have been helping South Africans defend themselves legally. We provide legal advice and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and have a network of robust lawyers to fight for you in court. The official website of Scorpion Legal Protection is scorpion.biz At Scorpion we strive to treat our members fairly and not tolerate fraudulent behavior. If a Scorpion employee has acted fraudulently or dishonestly, you may report such fraud anonymously. The Insurance Fraudline is an independent and objective service provider specializing in the processing of protection notices. Contact the insurance fraud hotline on 0860 002 526 or email insurance@fraudline.co.za. Where is Scorpion Legal Protection headquartered? Scorpion Legal Protection has its registered office at 1st Fl 23 Miriam Makeba St Bloemfontein Orange Free State 9300, South Africa How many employees work at Scorpion Legal Protection? Please select the option that best suits your request and we will call you back with assistance. Scorpion Legal Protection is in the industry: Legal Services Why choose Scorpion Legal Protection? Our prices are competitive, we focus on customer service, we have years of experience and we offer you a 31-day trial period. We have funeral plans in place to ensure you can afford a dignified funeral in case your loved one dies.

Our funeral plans pay within 48 hours of receiving all necessary documents. Do you want to call us? The Scorpion Contact Center number is 0861 333 333 and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can help you with your taxes, tell you what documents you need to keep now to ensure your next tax return runs smoothly and help you avoid overpaying or underpaid taxes. Scorpion Legal Protection uses these technologies: Azure, LiveChat, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, MailChimp ObjectivesSee more Scorpion Legal Protection`s phone number is 514302046 Do you want WhatsApp? Save 011 842 7890 to your phone contacts, send us a WhatsApp at this number and you will receive a list of menu options to choose from.

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