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Medical Definition of Diffuse

Medical Definition of Diffuse

Verboous, wordy, prolix, diffuse means using more words than necessary to express thoughts. Verbose can also involve chatter or chatter. Verbose speech indicates dullness, obscurity, or a resulting lack of conciseness or precision. Prolix detailed position papers suggest an unreasonable and tedious use of details. Usually transforms short anecdotes into a prolix saga accentuated by the lack of compactness and sharp style. Diffuse memories that are shaggy stories The protests have so far relied on a small group of central organizations to garner broad but diffuse support. Let`s defuse the utility bomb, which is a “diffuse/defused” confusion With two Texans vying as potential candidates, Sessions tried to clear up any clumsiness. If the ultraviolet auroras of 67P were visible, they would look like a diffuse halo around the comet. They intercept, disseminate and guard, to some extent, the possible aggressor until the disease of violent intent is over. Taber`s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary 24th Edition Online + App by F.A.

Davis and Unbound Medicine. Find 75,000 medical and nursing definitions. Download it on iPhone, iPad and Android. Check out these examples of free topics: Do you have severe diffuse pain with fever, redness of the skin or joints, pronounced swelling, inability to use muscles or joints, or recently significant trauma (fall, car accident, etc.)? This means that bioengineered neurons in a brain must have a sensitive, sufficiently strong opsin “gate” that responds to light – even when pulses of light diffuse through the skull and brain tissue. Middle English, “scattered, detailed (to speak or write),” borrowed from Middle French and Latin; Diffuse Middle French, borrowed from the Latin diffÅ«sus `spread over a vast area, (writing) extensive, detailed`, from the past participle diffundere “to pour, extend, extend, waste” over a vast area – more with diffuse input 2 Organizations that network are often diffuse, leaderless and incredibly resilient. She herself may be happy in solitude, but she could spread happiness to a wider circle of her friends. Red supergiants are surrounded by diffuse clouds of gas and dust that are full of elements forged only into stars – and these clouds form before the star explodes. Many people struggle to remember the difference between defusing and spreading, and when faced with the need for one of these words, they simply look for whatever comes to mind first. Although these words seem quite similar, their meanings are very different. Disarm means “making less harmful, less powerful or less tense”; The word has another useful literal meaning, which is “delete backup.” Diffuse means “unconcentrated or localized”; it comes from the Latin word diffÅ`sus (“spread over a vast area”).

Diffuse is often used both as an adjective (“not concentrated or localized”) and as a verb (“to pour and allow or cause to spread freely”, “to disperse”), while infuse is almost entirely limited to use as a verb. While the means of diffusion refer mainly to outward movement, those of infusion are inwards; The word has meanings such as “soaking in a liquid (such as water) without boiling to extract soluble constituents or principles,” “administering or injecting by infusion,” and “causing something (such as a principle or quality) to penetrate that usually changes for the better.” The most beautiful and fragrant flowers adorn its forests, whose trees spread the sweetest smells. The word “diffuse” means “widespread” and refers to pain that is present more or less everywhere or at least in many areas. The purpose of this guide is to provide information while awaiting evaluation with your doctor, or additional information after seeing it. Please note that this guide is not intended to replace a personal assessment with your doctor. The diagnoses provided are among the most common that could explain your symptoms, but the list is not exhaustive and there are many other possibilities. In addition, more than one condition may exist at the same time. For example, a person with rheumatoid arthritis may also have tendonitis. During meals, a large punkah is used to spread a pleasant level of freshness in the apartment.

At one point, they even told her she was delirious, despite her diffuse ulcerative lesions. Nursing Central combines Taber`s with a medical dictionary, disease manual, laboratory guide and useful tools. Back pain is diffuse pain, or it manifests itself due to pressure in certain places along the spine.

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