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Alaska Legal Service Anchorage

Alaska Legal Service Anchorage

The Alaska ACLU has a wide range of needs for legal volunteers who want to help. Whether it`s a discreet research assignment in an area of immigration law or joint advice on major civil rights cases, the organization`s needs are dynamic. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact the ACLU at acluak.org and fill out our volunteer form or send an email info@acluak.org. · Transfers to pro bono lawyers and other legal providers. An application for services must be completed before meeting with a lawyer. Applications can be picked up at the office, downloaded from our website, or we will be happy to send you a request by mail, fax or email. With a strong network of volunteer lawyers and other professionals, ALSC operates in eight communities in Alaska. Nearly 90 clinics are organized each year in four of these communities on the topics of bankruptcy, family, landlord/tenant, wills/estates and general civil law. His greatest need lies in the representation of customers. Other opportunities for volunteers include one-time client advice, teaching at a legal clinic, and mentoring other lawyers. Volunteers are also needed to write, edit, or review client-centered self-help training materials for AlaskaLawHelp.org, a joint project of the ALSC and other partners in the Alaskan justice community. The DisabilityLawCenter of Alaska provides information and recommendations, individual advocacy, legal representation, system representation, and education and training.

They have extensive legal powers to protect the rights of persons with disabilities. DisabilityLawCenter of Alaska customers make their own decisions. They work to promote self-determination, personal autonomy and self-representation. They advise and present options to clients to help them make their own informed decisions. Select a topic below to learn more about your legal rights, law and courts, legal forms and more. ANDVSA is known for its essential on-demand mentoring support, numerous written resources (including an Alaska-specific manual on volunteer family law, the American Bar Association`s practice manuals for family law, and examples of oral arguments), and live and recorded training opportunities. Additional benefits for volunteers include malpractice insurance, case cost coverage, and support for paralegals and shelter advocates. ANDVSA volunteers, operating nationally, are deployed to take charge of full cases, serve as mentors, conduct legal research and respond to the information and referral line. The Information and Reference Line is offered 18 times a year for two hours each by volunteer lawyers in Alaska.

The Fair Housing Project provides services to members of all protected categories, with a particular focus on underserved areas and populations, including Alaska Natives; immigrants; residents who do not speak English or who have limited knowledge of English; people living in rural areas; persons with disabilities; the homeless; and people living in areas with a high concentration of people of color. The Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (ANDVSA) supports low-income victims of domestic violence and sexual assault who require legal assistance. Alaska is among the top 5 states in the United States for per capita domestic violence rates, and ANDVSA statistics reflect this. ANDVSA supports pro bono lawyers who are ready to take on a variety of civil cases. I am trying to find help for a friend who is on probation but was recently arrested. They don`t hold it instead of why they contacted him, but on the basis of someone else`s illegal decisions. I would like to talk to someone about the fact that they have only been going to the indictment since June 6, 2020. You have now extended his notice until January 21st, please help thank you you must request services before we can help you. Contact your local office to request a request or visit our website to download an application. Applications can be mailed, faxed or emailed to you or picked up in person at your local office.

Founded in 1977, the Disability Law Center of Alaska is a civil rights organization that protects the human, civil, and legal rights of Alaskans with disabilities through rights-based advocacy. Each state and territory is required by law to have an independent protection and advocacy (P&A) system designated for persons with disabilities. The DisabilityLawCenter of Alaska is Alaska`s protection and advocacy system. The Alaska Immigration Justice Project is a non-profit organization that provides immigrants with low-cost legal advice in all immigration matters, such as: Applications for citizenship, permanent residence, work permits or family petitions or for victims of domestic violence. Eviction – If you are deported for any reason, call Alaska Legal Services Corporation (1-888-478-2572) to apply for legal aid. The Alaska Legal Services Corporation`s (ALSC) Volunteer Lawyer Support Program responded to a call to action issued more than 20 years ago to address the civilian needs of low-income Alaskans in need of legal assistance.

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